heeeeyyyy maaaaan! Welcome to the random ransoms blog! A lil info about me and what I intend to share. My name is Christy aka Chrosty if ur using a stupid ass smart phone lol. I have been married for over a decade! My husband and I tend to think alike on most subjects but can also disagree and bring insight that otherwise would not be thought of. We love to laugh, clown, and talk shit! Our sarcasim is frequent but all in love! The purpose for this blog is to bring attention to traditionally taboo topics, share experience that can be learned from like the GNC store in Rancho Cucamonga (from now on know as RC), and don’t worry we will touch on this later =/. also to share articles or videos we find funny or informative. Alot of topics will touch on current events and we also would like to use either daily or weekly themes. (still debating on this). We chose the RandomRansoms for our blog name because we tend to be very random with our topics and Ransom was available and sounded cool lol. Anywhooooo welcome, enjoy, comment, leave opinions or suggestions (doesn’t mean we will use it lol) but always willing to listen to others and love to learn something new as often as possible. We are also parents and no longer in our 20’s so you can be assured we have enough life experiences under our belts to speak accurately and without assumptions. Peace out for now and stay tuned….. 😉


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Congratulations on your blog. Thank you for writing about these important issues


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