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Ok so I see this issue is not going away anytime soon (btw I really think that there is a divide and conquer agenda being pushed behind all this by the elite, as long as we stay fighting amongst each other we will pay less attention to the bs being done on capital hill)

anyways…..This video (  TYT-DISTURBING FACTS OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG) even thou opinionated at times, details the facts and history of the battle flag as well as the start of the civil war by quoting the state’s reasons. After I watched this video I watched a 7 series documentary on the civil war to see how it compares. They are both in line regarding the facts.

The point is that yes this is part of the US’s history and should not be sugar coated, denied, hidden, or erased. ALL history is important otherwise how can one learn and grow? The state’s that seceded from the union gave clear and concise reasons behind it. Yes it was because they wanted to preserve  state rights….but the rest of that sentences clearly says and is documented that they did not want to be forced from having the right to own slaves (so state’s rights became the PC reason).

Now as a POC particularly in the south, how could it possible feel to be driving down the street and see the bars and strips on the license plate in front of u or flying high above the capital? Especially since the flag was directly reintroduced in the 50’s +/- as a sign opposing de-segregation! We all know someone born in this period because it was not that long ago. Having a constant reminder on top of more recent events like the shooting in Charleston, the burning of Churches, and the off the chart stats of the police killings, brutality, and longer prison terms etc than any other group of people; has got to make one feel like they are still a target of hate.

I was on vacation in New Orleans and some dude in a truck literally tried to run my hubby and I down for sitting on a bench together, we had to break wide and run like hell. In GA the A/P girl (forgot her name, Candace maybe?) saw me kiss my husband goodbye and later came to my office to say “we don’t do that out here”. The top maintenance/yard guy (damn forgot his name too) was from California too, he pulled me to the side my first week and literally told me if I see a truck with that flag to go the opposite direction. I didn’t want to believe it but I knew what his warning was about.

The point is that this issue has never fully gone away while incidents have been hidden, ignored, denied, wrongly justified or just erased but there is still a very large population that misses the Jim crow days and I can guarantee that EVERY one of them owns this flag to let it be known how they feel.

After really learning all this I truly believe that this flag should absolutely not be an endorsement by our government by being flown at any government property or be on any state license plates. After it was raised to oppose de-segregation it was never lowered so that was the last memory of it from any living relatives!!!

Now for all the folks not seeing ALL the facts. The north had slaves too although was steadily on it’s way out. At which point Eli Whitley invented the cotton gin which threw the textile industry into a frenzy which resulted in a much higher demand of cotton almost overnight. So while the North was condemning slavery in the south  they were also a big player by being a monetary driving force.

Also, general Lee did not own slaves nor did he want to. He was in the US military prior to the war and recruited by the union army after the war began, but he wanted the rights of the state’s to remain and was fearful of Lincoln’s progressive policies and went to the confederate side ultimately. Out of all the confederates he was probably the ONLY one that joined because of rights and not slavery even thou it was a direct connection which he knew. Was he a good man? I have no idea and in my opinion probably not since it was no secret that slavery was on the line by winning or losing and you can’t claim to fight for rights while denying God given rights to ur fellow man.

People learn the facts of history, understand why what where when and how, and those in constant heated debates over this try to take a step back and for a moment imagine walking in another man’s shoes on the opposing side of ur argument. Compassion, education, history, love, and God (Religion of ur choosing btw) is the recipe needed to solve this debate before we have ourselves another  damn civil war…… which leaves me pretty much fucked by the way lol (If I have any mis-facts let me know, I was going off of memory).

Be Blessed everyone!