“ Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team seizes 296 marijuana plants following a search warrant in Lucerne Valley ” from SBSD – Headquarters : Nixle https://local.nixle.com/alert/5449263/?sub_id=2581307 [From ZTE mobile browser]

This is ridiculous and getting out of hand!  This can be viewed in three ways as I see it..

1) Gardner’s were arrested and their garden seized today for gardening without permission even thou the person(s) or entities needed to get permission invade privacy with Scott exams and forms.

2) Medical technicians were arrested along with their medicine that was not made from any machines, chemicals, organizers, live cultures, etc. Made only by sunshine, soil, and water. This is because anything that is considered “food, drug, medicine, healthy or non-healthy has to be approved by a government agency before we can partake in our own products.

3) Drug dealers and their huge amount of drugs were arrested and seized today because local law enforcement have chosen to ignore all facts and evidence of what a schedule one drug really is and took the easy way out of going with the flow while doing the shoulder shrug expression that implies “I was just doing my job”  instead of stopping to smell the flowers for  a moment and then be in their way. Possibly while looking for the abundance of child predators that have seem to risen in the area and abroad recently. I’m sure that issue is getting attention as well but this “drug bust” made some elected official and his big pharma counterpart  really happy while in the long run made it harder for a cancer patient, epileptic child, or a hard working individual who would like to just relax after a hard day’s work; to have safe access to the only known medicine on the planet that you can not overdose on.

Which scenario fits best for a summer  Tuesday in 2015?