When you are a civil servant in a position of authority you do not have the luxury of being such a dick publicly and I will never understand why people keep testing the waters as if they will not have the flood gates opened up on them from one person reading one post or comment…..has this guy not been watching all of the cases of the internet and cameras being the reason so much is now coming to light? You would think that anyone with more than half a brain cell would not have displayed such racial comments with no regard to the consequences…..Smh…can we see some stories of good police behavior? How many good ones are left out there? Our judicial system needs a complete overhaul asap….  

Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy Fired Over Racist Tweets Comparing Baltimore Protesters To ‘Planet Of The Apes’ http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7453458?ir=Black+Voices [From ZTE mobile browser]