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The people here have been devastated by flooding, famine, poverty with many there that are also sick and dying  due to disease/illnesses  from lack of medicine,   accessible clean drinking water and sewer water contamination (especially when flooded from rain)…….
* Please help this young man reach his goal of implementing a social service office to aid the people in this region with basic needs that you and I take for granted daily….
* You can see the post and pics below to get a visual of the issues….
There is no fema, there is no government resources, there are only local community advocates and themselves…..
* You can help by doing any of the following things…

1) cash donation via PayPal using the email address of benaafricanfamily@yahoo.com, or go to the GoFundMe (www.gofundme.com/u5d63a5d) or by mail and / or in person.

2) donating good such as clothes, shoes, children and…

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