This is why there needs to be some kind of accountability with the parents and schools. So not one adult at home or at school could tell something was going on by either parties behavior or focus? No kid should fear for their life just to go to school.

This country is damn quick to enforce democracy and freedom in other countries all while spending so much tax money to finance it but our schools are understaffed, loosing art and music programs, in desperate need of basic materials and various after school programs that can be pro-active to these types of issues. We need to focus more on or domestic policies because our foreign policies are “suspect” to say at the very least and continuously taking away from the citizens here at home.

To take it one step further, what do you consider the definition of terror(isim)? What do you consider the definition of domestic? I think being a terrified kid fearing for their life just from going to a public school could somehow fall under those combined definitions.

What it DOES NOT MEAN should be obvious…. Christians are not domestic terrorists, Muslims are not domestic terrorists, Constitutionalists are not domestic terrorists, Anonymous are not domestic terrorists……
However; a military police state killing countless unarmed citizens is a form of domestic terrorism. Gangs killing countless innocent people is a form of domestic terrorism, over taxation, seizures, poverty, and intentional elimination of the middle class / opportunity to the working class is a form of domestic terrorism, a 5th grader going to school that turns into a life and death situation is a form of domestic terrorism, the prison complex is a form of domestic terrorism.

Smh, this upcoming election the candidates I’m sure will talk largely on our troops overseas, Iran’s nuclear deal, North Korea, Cuba, China and Russia’s partnership, the Ukraine, Israel and Palestine. Then to leave you warm and cozy they will touch on better jobs and an encouraging economy, medicinal marijuana, immigration and healthcare. Pretty much the cookie cutter topics of every election year with a few variables.

What I have yet to hear or see is when someone is going to keep it real!!! Let’s hear the fuck ups, let’s hear the dirty secrets of the elected officials so “we the people” can make informed decisions on who we need to get kicked out. Let’s hear about all the issues that are happening every day to so many citizens and what a realistic plan or idea is to fix it. What is needed for a family of 4-1/2 to be supported on one income again and start eliminating the latch key kid syndrome because there is a parent at home Let’s hear how our kids can be safer and get the majority of their moral teachings from parents not the school system because that’s where they are from 6am to 6pm daily. Lets hear when will all the mayors, police Chief’s and police officers will be called out for the countless cover ups after cover ups of unjustifiable beatings and killings that show the majority of these instances are targeted on the minorities and/or the lower tax bracket communities.

The problem is we will NEVER hear the truth as long as money and power are common ingredients of our elected officials. It is now the sole responsibility of the communities, patents, and neighbors to unite and start making the changes we seek from the ground level and work our way you and out until our domestic policies are forced to change to the will of the people.

I can only imagine what the parents of the girl in this article are thinking and feeling, I mean what do you do without ending up in prison for protecting your daughter? Protecting your child will not hold up in court as justified…..

SMH, I’m done ranting about this for now…..