Americans Spent a Record Amount on Medicine in 2014 –

I came across this article on how the amount spent on medication has increased over the last two years and is at it’s highest since 2011.

“4.3 million prescriptions and doled out nearly $374 billion on medicine in 2014.”

“Overall, doctors’ office visits declined 3% and dispensed prescriptions increased 2.1% in 2014.”

So my question is did our population increase so much to account for this increase in prescription spending? I don’t think so, at least not yet anyways. So why so much with all these vaccinations, and flu shots, and healthy living menu’s out there are more people seemingly getting sick more frequently?

The biggest red flag in this article for me is that doctor visits went down but prescription increased….. so doctors are not even trying to cure people anymore but rather shoving pills down patients throats and shots up the arms? How do these two statistics match up together to make sense? And what about the people that have been for the most part, healthy all their lives and all of a sudden they get some devastating illness? Well my opinion on this is simple…the pesticides, gmo’s, hormones, and Monsanto products are catching up with those that can’t afford to buy 100% organic and crap named above free…let’s be serious, it is not cheap to keep crap out of your food or seek natural medications.

Today when you get sick doctor’s will give you a pill that seems to heal one thing while weakening another vital function. You get injected with the flu to not get the flu along with all the other vaccines. Common sense tells me I don’t want any virus, illness, disease, or bug injected into me to keep me from getting it……thanks but no thanks.

According to this article, now doctors are not even treating patience at the same rate they are prescribing medicine? How does that work?….smh.

On a lighter note I have a prediction; the more states that legalize marijuana in the coming year(s) the amount of pharmaceutical prescriptions will decrease as well as the number of diagnosed illnesses. This will also be true if more unbiased research is done in studying and discovering all the true medicinal benefits of this pretty plant made with a tiny seed, soil, water, and light. Can’t get more natural than that.

Anyways, try and stay healthy people….

Americans Spent a Record Amount on Medicine in 2014 –