She is back and it’s about time lol!


meaning-of-life1If I had to say anything about anything it would be that the state of mankind is depressing. Now please don’t take that statement as in indication that I feel myself superior, I feel myself outside of the madness yet indubitably tied into it. I’m molded, coached and rehearsed like most:) However my brain has not stopped working For those that research and actually study history I speak to you. For those who choose truth and honesty I speak to you. I am speaking of those whose minds travel the globe in search of truth, discarding any preconceived notions, religions, political affiliations, social/economic paradigms. I am speaking to those that seek truth in all that they do, with little consideration for the personal change that may come.  I am speaking to those that recognize fundamentally that man is an ever changing organism, that must be studied, educated and experienced in…

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