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While going through my daily notifications and updates from my news sources, Facebook, WordPress, etc….I have taken notice to the difference of “public” opinion regarding constitutional rights being exercised. Why is it socially acceptable to be patriotic, to exercise one’s second amendment right to bare arms but not considered socially patriotic to protect or engage in the constitutional right against illegal search and seizure, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to travel, and the right to due process?

Bare witness to any Pro-gun/2nd amendment rally promoting the right to bare arms and you will likely view a logo depicting an armed Caucasian man with the American flag as if his actions, demeanor or political philosophy defines the Constitution or laws of this nation. The new school political activism stimulated by 2nd amendment activists is in staunch contradiction to the fundamental principles enumerated in the laws that govern this land.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”~Abraham Lincoln

If the only solution to the problems that plague this nation require the depiction of a white male bearing arms, the constitution and the constituents it protects should all be eradicated.

But when seeing Americans exercising the right to free speech at a march or peace rally you will see a different scene, usually one with police in military gear and automatic rifles. The very right the laws are built to protect are on armed guard against those in black fatigues, and bright acronyms . If a journalist from a media source not on Murdoch’s, the Koch brothers (the powers that be)  payroll or a free lance journalist writing an article or covering a story by video taping the scene; they are often discredited or stricken of their right to continue as a journalist right there on the spot. Freedom of speech is not free. Check your history books, persecution is at its height in any country if you speak too loud. Pray if you speak the truth contradictory to the powers that be.

I just read of two live streaming journalists covering the peace rally for the killing of Kelly Thomas whom were arrested. After months of court dates and jury deliberations the case was dismissed due to a hung jury yet and still the DA has decided to bring up charges again. This is insane, especially when according to the Bill of Rights described in our constitution they did nothing wrong; which by the way these same members of our judicial system took an oath to uphold.

These two journalist represent how many others in their place (past/present) that get no main stream media attention, no members of the justice system trying to aid them in righting these wrongs, no press conference, nope, they get to bring the issue to light thru their own resources, friends, and family….if they are lucky they may get a 100 word blurb on the 5th page in a local newspaper that somehow omit or miss the details telling of how patriotic these two are for standing firm in their actions by fighting for their constitutional rights. Somehow the journalist are made to look like the bad guy for covering a story that shows some of the “not-so-pretty” side of Western society.

Now look at Cliven Bundy, the rancher in Nevada that stood with other local residence with guns of all kinds claiming their right to bare arms as a means to keep the government at bay in protecting his property. Now mind you, the property he was disputing was actually the property of the federal government, but that’s a story for another day).  He was not arrested and instead was turned into the poster boy for patriotism and fighting to reserve his constitutional rights. This made national news, If I remember correctly; Fox News even ran It for 24 hours straight. He had press conferences and interviews constantly. Last check he is still running his ranch, breaking federal laws and taunting the government to do something.

It seems as if the divide plaguing this Country has now crept it’s way to our very basic of rights which is the only string attempting to hold our justice system together. When did there become conservative and liberal rights? When did a choice of practicing or protecting one or two Constitutional Rights more frequently then another automatically brands a label? When did the color of your skin, your financial status or political affiliations dictate the rights you have access to?

I applaud Bundy for exercising his rights so successful and was able to bring it to national attention. I applaud InLeague Press’s Anaheim James and PM Beers for staying on the front lines to capture what is happening in the streets and communities. I wish they got the same media love and attention because this is a serious issue that deserves the same attention as any violation of our constitution, civil rights, and human rights.

So let me ask? Is it ok to just plead the 5th? Will this make me a patriot or a presumed criminal?

My answer is…….well I’ll just exercise my right to remain silent since what I say can and will be used against me…

(Polichatter; Nina Davis assisted in writing this post)