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Even the hard core right wings have to see the similarities of today’s police state and political agenda to the beginning stages of major marks in history that led to complete control and undeniable crimes against humanity! Anytime a citizen is not accused of a crime and still is demanded to show ID, be frisked & searched, be pulled over, and have your private property ransacked it is clear that the Construction and our Bill of Rights is no longer being protected. For those still in denial of this and think that this ok for “only certain” citizens that fit “certain profiles” by the way they look, speak, dress, or what their address is then your agreeing with the same mindset of the Nazi’s that “we’re only trying to protect our community’s and country.”

Maybe when the attention shifts that now all middle age men (that are not POC) are most likely 2nd amendment advocates and gun owners begin to be “profiled” as having a gun and soon everyone that looks like an “extreme right wing” man is stopped, frisked, pulled over and searched, your homes and vehicles ransacked and forced to live in constant fear of being harassed, harmed, and/or detained; then you might see what true freedom is and how we no longer have it.

Stop thinking black and white, right and left, conservative and liberal. Think about your freedoms compared to the actual freedom of others that are supposed to be equal. Innocent until proven guilty has turned to guilty until proven innocent and that is the fact of today’s society in America.

To take it a step further; think of all the countries we invade to “liberate” to spread freedom and democracy because said country has a government that is treating its citizens as criminals and slaves to their systems. We pride ourselves in bringing freedom and equality to others and call the governments denying their people freedom terrorists and tyrants. Well when do we start calling the US’s police state what it is; state funded domestic terrorism that needs the people that are suppressed and murdered under this system to be liberated in the name of democracy! The same violations happening here are some of the same violations that caused us to invade another country! Let that marinate for a while…..