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Today In The Past


1077 – German King Heinrich IV petitions Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness

1189 – Philip II, Henry II & Richard Lion hearted initiate 3rd Crusade

1276 – Pierre de Tarantaise elected Pope Innocence V

1287 – The treaty of San Agayz is signed. Minorca is conquered by King Alfons III of Aragon.

1324 – Zen Buddhist religious debate between Tendai & Shingon

1522 – Head inquisitor Adrian Florisz Boeyens elected pope

1525 – The Swiss Anabaptist Movement is born when Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, George Blaurock, and about a dozen others baptize each other in the home of Manz’s mother in Zürich, breaking a thousand-year tradition of church-state union.

1542 – Parliament passes bill of attainder against Queen Katherine Howard

1664 – Count Miklos of Zrinyi sets out to battle Turkish invasion army

1677 – 1st medical publication in America (pamphlet on smallpox), Boston

1749 – The Verona Philharmonic Theatre was destroyed by fire. It was…

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