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What I would like to see on the very last state of the Union by Obama! Fess up and call out! Fess up your fuck ups so we actually learn from the mistakes! Call out the assholes that talk bi-partisan to the camera but refuse to engage in any bi-partisan discussions! Let it be known which issues you were pressured into or out of and state how and why! To move forward we need to weed out the political bullies with power even above the president. Finally….express the most “American and UnAmerican” things in your mind done during your administration!!
If we had exit interviews with raw honesty we seriously could triple our progress with each administration!!! Smh! But it’s all a gimmick and they all have the same goals just use different gimmicks and campaigns to get there! Smh! We really do need God’s Blessings on our Country! 😶

Points that were missed etc:
*The increasing militarized police state and how / when it will end.
*State Funded Domestic terrorism
*Failed to mention terrorist attack in Nigeria that left countless people massacred.
*Failed to mention attack on the NAACP.
*It was mentioned that the Justice system is in need of reform but no mention on how / when.
*No mention of ongoing protests gaining momentum in this country and how to resolve.
*Fail of ObamaCare: Democracy is about freedom and choice of the people. So it makes no sense to force policy on people that penalize those that don’t submit to the government making the choice for them.

Points to get more info on:
*Iran’s sanction to be vetoed?
*Cuba’s new relations?
*Plan to fight terrorism?
*Plan to fight internet security?
I need more info to comment accurately. TBC…..

Points to follow up on that have potential from tonight’s speech:
*Free community college for students.
*Minimum wage increased.
*Same pay for both men and woman.
*Tax breaks on the middle and lower class.
*No more tax breaks for the elite.
*Revise the open/fair trade agreement with Asia. You can’t call a trade fair when there are different rules to abide by.
*Closing Gitmo FINALLY!
*Equality for everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or immigration status.
*Keystone Pipeline measure vetoed.
*Defend Free and open internet to everyone.
*The Transparency report mentioned to be released in 30 days.
Did I miss any?

Boehner’s behavior was soo beyond obvious of his sincere lack of respect or effort to engage in any bi-partisan talks on serious issues! I watched a grown ass man that my fellow citizens voted in for whatever reason; turn from pink to red to purple in the face. He went from bitting his lip to rolling his eyes and fidgeting with his hands or what ever else he was messing with down there! It’s like he stated his “NO” response already to any possible talks just to spite Obama! I could be wrong but if I could pick up that energy just thru the TV I can only imagine the energy between those 3 sitting up there. My 6 year old came in the room and commented on his behavior and she has no party affiliation I assure you lol!
Grow the hell up Boehner and do your damn job! Which means saying fuck your rich buddies that will be pissed off about loop holes closing on their off shore profits and loss of ridiculous tax cuts and maybe paying their fair share! Your loyalty clearly lies with the 1%.

1) That woman set the republican’s back! Wtf was that! That was painful to watch! Oh but I got my criticism on Obama too now lol!

2) To counter Stepford Wife’s comment on the keystone having “minimal environmental affects”
The plain and simple facts that she failed to mention…TYT Think Tank – Keystone Pipeline

1) Obama, I know I heard that Gitmo was going to be closed on the first and second campaign and I’m sure in more than a handful of your past state of the Union addresses..Seriously! Stop saying it! Do it or don’t, blame it on the lack of bi-partisan agreements because I’m sure there is some…but continuing to promise this is ridiculous especially when you speak on the constitution and civil liberties so riotously. The patriot act is still here and it still contradicts the most basic of constitutional rights while being carried out in majority at Gitmo without transparency!!

2) Obama you can not talk about terrorism without mentioning the recent terrorist massacre in Nigeria, the attacks / bombings on the NAACP and the state funded domestic terrorism that citizens face everyday with the militarized police state that you helped enable to happen. Even GOP Stepford wife mentioned Nigeria! Smh!

I am sure in the next few days as more and more discussions of praise and criticism come out I will have more to add lol. Till then…. 😏