imageI started perusing YouTube as I normally do when I’m bored and had a police brutality compilation in my “What to Watch” section. I clicked play and lit up a roach so I would be good and relaxed this lazy Saturday of mine. Yea that didn’t happen! I was horrified as scene after scene would play out. After that video I watched the next videoThere were men, women, children, mentally ill, disabled, etc targeted over and over again. Some executed or severely beaten. I ended up watching several more videos and as I watched I started to tear up a little because I can’t believe this epidemic is still continuing! Will none of our elected officials who are supposed to lead “us” help stop this? Will none of our elected officials enforce the protection of the constitution? I understand that the job of a police officer is not an easy or safe one which is why it takes a special type of person to be able to do the job along with proper and complete training for all situations. You can never be completely prepared I assume for all situations but I believe the proper solution can still be executed. I also believe that there are police out there that fit this description but they appear to have become the “blue minority”. They are being weeded out by the increasing majority of the corrupt, racist, abusive, power and/or greed driven police. I watched an interview recently of a police woman fired for speaking out against a violent arrest that went overboard. It seems even the “minority blue” are targets now too. If this continues to grow at the current rate the US will be a nation of state funded domestic terrorism.
I also want to point out that I recently posted a video by #StormCloudsGathering about the aftermath of the #MikeBrown and #EricGarner cases showing that the riots and looting is not helping even thou the level of anger is completely understandable. But I want to raise the point that after watching these videos that you are not infuriated and want to fight back but well basically you can’t because you will be the next hashtag trending on Twitter. So what do you do? This shit makes me want to break something now! Our new age of technology is a curse and a Blessing….the constant interaction thru a screen or device creates an insensitive tone because there is no feeling given or received thru a device or screen, that is the curse. The Blessing is how the common citizen is finally capable of documenting these events. But seeing them is not enough now that the whole world has become insensitive to violence and killing.
If none of this resignate with you then let me give you a corny scenario…..

Imagine that your name is John Doe only you are not the only one. There are thousands of John Doe’s out there and your names being the same are the only thing that group you together. Slowly you start seeing and hearing about John Doe’s being falsely arrested, beaten, and killed by the police. Time goes by and now the main thing anyone ever talks about, sees or hears are all the John’s being targeted yet no one is stopping it or prosecuting the aggressors. Do you change your name so you can stay safe? Nope that’s not an option. Your reality has become a life of fear, fear that everyday you may have an encounter with the police and be beaten or killed just because you are one of the many John Doe’s out there that the system seems to want eliminated so we all can just be Johnny Law’s that are submissive and timid to their glorious police state. If you can really imagine yourself being scared for your children or family members or scared to leave your home just because of your name then maybe you can become sensitive to this problem and raise awareness that is drastically needed to reach every citizen in this nation.