White privilege is not a myth, it is reality.

Scott Woods Makes Lists

News flash: the justice system treats people differently based on who and what they are. In aid of this mind-blowingly original thesis, I present the following cases. I offer them here, not because people don’t know that the justice system is broken, but because people act like they don’t know. With the exception of one case, these are all instances that were determined – sometimes fatally – at the point of first contact by officers on the ground. These are largely one-on-one interactions gone horribly awry at the point that a police officer came into contact with a citizen. (Well, for half of the people involved. I’ll let you determine which half. Clue: it’s in the title.)

For the record, I only chose things that happened, resolved or caught real heat this year (2014), mostly to shut down people looking for any excuse to get out of exercising an ounce…

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