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WATCH:  A Victoria mother is making a huge sacrifice to allow her son to pursue his musical dream. Kylie Stanton reports.

A Victoria mom is selling her home to help her son, a promising violinist, pursue his dream.

Fifteen-year-old Ryan Howland has been playing the violin for a decade and is now competing at the international level, heading to Switzerland this month for the prestigious Boris Goldstein Competition.

“For the future, I hope to be a concert violinist,” says Howland. “You really want to put as much time into it as possible.”

Mother Michelle Yen-Howland, herself a former piano teacher, is selling her Victoria home to help support her son’s studies.

“The younger generation’s future is more important than having a house,” says Yen-Howland.

The sale of the house will also help fund the studies of Ryan’s 18-year-old brother Ian, who is studying film animation in Paris. Ian feels confident that…

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