Time Capsule Opened in Boston – I have some questions how bout you? “Museum and state officials removed its contents for the first time since 1855, when its contents were documented and cleaned, officials said. Additional materials were added then to the time capsule, which was placed in brass and plastered into the underside of the granite cornerstone.”First off, I love history so I got excited when I heard about the time capsule and couldn’t wait to read the article. As I read thru the fist section my right eyebrow began to raise along with my conspiracy spidey senses lol! My first thought after I finished reading was can we see the documents from when they opened and reburied it in 1855? And why did it have to be unburied, documented, cleaned, and have items added (and possibly removed) and then reburied? I smell a century old pile of WTF?!? The wtf factor that stuck out the most was that the there was a newspaper in good condition that was pulled from the capsule yet the said they were unable to tell the dates or tell what the articles read. But looking at the picture it looks like the name of the newspaper was the Boston Daily and the print appeared to be very legible to someone holding it in their hands! Am I crazy or did anyone else have questions too?