Just found this saved in my drafts…. Hmmmm. I rather enjoy reading back on my thoughts and see how my opinions have either changed or grew in strength…….

Christopher Dordan (spl chk name) has made national news for his manifesto, killing spree, and pure hatred for the LAPD. Now however you feel towards our judicial system is your opinion, but no one can tell me that this whole thing didn’t seem extremely strange. In my “circle” I have heard comments about Manchurian Candidate, MK Ultra, cover up, and so on and so forth. Now I can not say one way or another if that’s true but I can say that the ending to this drama made absolutely no sense.

First, why on earth would a man with his size, build, ethnicity try and hide out in big bear with camouflage clothing on? He would stand out in a crowd like a sore thumb ijs.

Do they have any actual footage with his face recognizable while shooting at the police? Why after all this build up would he get to the point where he knows he is not going to make it out alive and instead of going out shooting everything in sight in a “blaze of glory” fashion; he just allows himself to be burnt up?

The authorities are heard yelling “burn it down” and chose not to put the fire our after the cabin was engulfed with flames, they let it completely burn. Everything was reduced to ashes and rubble YET they were able to recover his wallet in tact with an ID with his name on it? But wait, didn’t they say they found his wallet, badge and ID in a truck a few days prior? So he just has multiple wallets he can leave wherever he goes so they know for certain its him? Wtf!

One of the strangest issue with this story is that the media reported the discovery shortly after the fire died down until authorities announced they had not entered the cabin yet and no body discovered. Then I saw somewhere CNN was reporting that it was a woman’s body discovered. Only when you click on the headline the story was no longer there.

With all of that said doesn’t it make you want to say “huh”?? It just does not add up. What really caught my attention is how people are so divided over this. So many people thought he was rightious in his actions while others believed him to be pure evil. How could so many people seeing and listening to the same media outlets and coverage have such diverse opinions? Me personally, I believe his grief was accurate and he wanted to expose the corruption within the LAPD organization. However, if and when he took it to the level of killing people that had nothing to do with his grief I drew the line. Then again I am not one for violence unless its necessary.
Now lets see what’s behind door number 3 lol.

I believe the primaries in march (2-3 week away) correct? Won’t one of the major items on the ballet be about gun control? The more scared the people are the easier it will be for he government to disarm citizens. Its just not a coincident that this primary election follows a horrendous year of one “crazed” gun toting killer after another going Rambo on everyone in their way. Nothing is a coincident! Think outside the box for motives and you will piece it together.

I feel sorry for the the people killed in all this chaos including Dordan. I am not here to convince anyone to believe what I do, I just want people to open their minds and ask questions what I say on such topics are to raise questions. I don’t want everyone to think like me I just want you to think.