Changing of the Guards, World War III, New World War Order! BING BANG BOOOM! 

Three major things will be taking place soon here in the US and Globally. I try to be an avid reader, researcher, and assessor of how current events relate to the illuminati, one world order, hidden agendas of our government leaders, etc.

Over time it seems that major events are somewhat predictable and true agendas become obvious. So let me break down what the changing of the guards means.

There are 3 places/entities on earth that control how things are developed, are controlled, and manipulated globally (the 3 power houses).

The USA = Military
The UK = Money
Vatican City = Religion

These three power houses work together to make sure that the masses around the world are kept in line “so to speak”. Don’t believe me then please look it up yourself =)

The Leaders of these 3 places are extremely important. Most of us are aware by now that the elected public officials and leaders are more of a tool or puppet to disguise who is really running the show behind the scenes. How else can you explain the electorial college lol. The persons needed to fullfill certain tasks or agendas are put in power until the time comes for a real change to begin globally.

The first real obvious sign that the stage is being set for new world order is when the US President, the Royal Family (the Queen is no longer queen), and the Pope have transitions made with new leaders filling these positions in the same term or time frame.

When all 3 power houses have new leaders I am wiling to bet that they will be candidates the people love! They will have new ideas to some old traditions, ideas, and moral issues. They will make it look so easy to get the masses to follow them and listen. And when they all come together to convince the people of the world to march straight into their own enslavement and persecution only the knowledgable, enlightened, and truth seekers will recognize the reality and not submit along with the sheeple.

This is only my opinion, my own attempt of making a prediction and I will be cool if you don’t agree. But if it makes you think then I have met my goal 😘