It has been awhile since I have been on here so I have a bunch of jumbled things in my head so bare with the randomness of this rant lol.

First let me start by saying I am a Christian, a Wife, a Mother, and a Constitutionalist. Every time I read an article or a post on social media, or watch a documentary on current events I feel like the fundamental ideals that I represent are being threatened, disrespected, and make me want to scream “why is no one stopping these things from happening”!!! Well I know why…

Yesterday at a 4th of July BBQ my husband brings up politics of course and as I was listening to our friends defend the current policy by saying that they were able to get medical now and have their unemployment extended I thought to myself that; yea that’s great if someone was actually benefited directly by a policy change but that does not explain or justify everything else going on in the world!! And I’m not just talking about the Obama administration, these has been going on long before he got here. And in all honesty I believe he really was sincere in the beginning and did want to make some good changes but like the rest of the puppets he was swept up in the system that no one can seem to expose or defeat successfully!!! WTF!!!

As I listened to our friends reply to my question on “other policies”, I could not believe what I was hearing….

“If it is not happening on my front porch then I don’t care, I have to work, cook, take care I the baby, eat, shower, and sleep. If it does not effect those things then I could care less because it has nothing to do with me”.

I think my jaw dropped to the floor (in my mind if course because these are our friends), but then it dawned on me how many people there are out there that think the exact same way or close to it. No wonder there is no outrage, no protests, no demand of accountability because people could really careless if they think it doesn’t effect them. My problem with thinking like this is that IT DOES effect everybody if it effects any American or human being for that matter.

Right now in Detroit there is no water for so many families, to the point that they are seeking help from an outside political group. Detroit was hit so hard by the recession and is so poverty stricken that most families are on the brink of being homeless or worse if they are already in that situation. The outrage of not having water is just the first issue, how about the fact that in Detroit if you have children in a home that has the water turned off your children will be taken from you!!!

So let me paint this picture, we can spend $4billion on a program to militarize our police force in cities across the US including small towns as small as 10k in population but we can not give US citizens water? Now because of this their kids will be taken and Detroit will eventually become a ghost town with nothing but memories of once upon a time being the heartbeat of America!!
And let me mention the fact that if Goldman Sachs had not caused the biggest economic crisis in modern times that this would probably be a non factor.

Now how anyone can say that this won’t effect them is not looking at the big picture! All the displaced families, all the kids taken away from their families and put in the “system”, the spike in the crime rate because people have no choice and nothing to loose, who is going to be taxed again to bail out all these extra costs because the misuse of our taxes that have already been collected! Why do we need a military tank with “POLICE” painted on its sides in the middle of rural Indiana when we have people living in third world conditions! This is not democracy or freedom….. .

Now that I spoke up on it let’s look at the police state we are being conditioned to believe is normal this day in age. When the police are trained with military tactics and have military equipment and weapons it is only human nature for the transition of “protect and serve” to “us against them”. They are being conditioned to treat US citizens as if we are an enemy behind enemy lines in a war zone! Run a search on any website these days and see how many results pop up with titles like “excessive force”, “child hurt in police raid”, “innocent by-standard shot during police shoot out”, “police shoot unarmed man”, etc etc etc.

The raise in police brutality and unjustified police shootings is out of control and all we have in our defense is our video cameras and having the balls to assert our constitutional rights if actually given the opportunity. They are training for war out here and at the same time inching their way closer to gun confiscation with every bill that gets passes taking a little more and then a little more of our 2nd amendment each time. Gun control is not an argument of gun owners vs non-gun owners or liberal vs. conservative. It is in fact the ability to HAVE the right vs having your right taken away. Many non-gun owners may find a time that they feel it’s necessary to arm themselves to protect against a tyrannical system, the fear of unlawful seizers, or just because it’s their right and don’t need a reason. What if that time comes and we were striped of that right because of the fear propaganda used to convince the masses that giving up your right will make you feel safe? So they have a military police ready for war and we have what? Gun control is just that CONTROL not freedom.

If you think I’m crazy or the idea of martial law is far fetched look at the laws passed to lesson the restrictions to impose martial law. Or how about the fact that the UN (yes the United Nations) has a job opening listed on their website for “disarmament and displacement” for the New York location. And how bout in Feb and June of this year (2014) there is footage of armored UN tanks being transported thru Texas and Georgia. My guess is heading to New York….

I don’t know about you but that sure scares the shit out of me!! I don’t think I have ever heard of or seen any UN tanks in the US!!! Why now?

Wake up people! Waiting until a situation is at your front door is waiting to late! Ask questions if something doesn’t sound right, don’t let fear guide your decisions especially at the polls, demand your rights remain as they should be with out weakening their power thru “policy change”, research your sources of information and ask yourself if they have your best interest based on their history of interest in the people vs corporations and political gain, stop being sheep and think for yourself! I don’t want everybody to think like me I just want people to THINK!!

Ok I have to go (got a date with the hubby tonight and I’m already late lol). But I really want to vent on the privatization of the prison system… Hopefully tomorrow lol! Till the next random ransom ranting….

Oh and sorry for the typos and grammatical errors, I typed this on my phone pretty quickly.