I have been following this on BBC, this is scary especially if you have ever seen the movie “Outbreak” about this disease invading the US….

The Extinction Protocol

July 2014HEALTH – A new outbreak of Ebola is sweeping across countries in West Africa as authorities struggle to contain it. It has already killed nearly 400 people who suffered multiple organ failure and hemorrhaging. And it could spread to the UK if action is not taken to prevent it. The disease is passed through bodily fluids such as blood, semen and sweat. It starts with fever and fatigue before causing multiple organ failure and massive internal bleeding. It is feared passengers flying into Paris might carry the disease and could bring it to the UK if they travel on to London using the Eurostar. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned the rapid spread of the infection could get worse. Dr Luis Sambo said: “WHO is gravely concerned of the ongoing cross-border transmission as well as the potential for further inter-national spread.” Since it surfaced around four months…

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