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Theology is classified as a Philosophy; so to be fair, we can argue religion philosophically, then logically using the scientific method, fair enough?
“What is right or wrong, only thinking makes it so.” Quote from Shakespeare.
Keep in mind, I am never wrong; I may not be exactly right sometimes but never wrong :0)

lmaooo @ never wrong?!?!?!?!?! Ok mini me Jesus!!
First let me tell you my BELIEFS based on the writings of the Bible in which might I add is not categorized as a Fictitious book ;0)
I believe Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior who died on the cross for the sins of the world so that one day we might all live eternity at our Father’s side in Heaven.
To be more specific in some of the teachings I try to abide by and live by would be a bit surprising to some lol. I believe that the man is the head of his household in his home and in the Church. Women are not to be ministers because it is not a woman’s role to be his teacher in his own house. When people talk about equal rights for women it makes me laugh because that is ludicrous! Women and men are not equal, this does not mean women are better or men are better but have different roles that is laid out for us in the Bible and also obvious in the fact of our physic and build not to mention men have a Y chromosome (which is my own personal inside joke because it fits, WHY??? LOL). We are emotionally different and process thoughts and situations in a totally opposite manner. Which is why women are to be the caretakers, nurturers, supporters, and confidants. Men are to be the providers, protectors, and lead his family with out fear or hesitation. It takes two different types of people to take on these roles and it comes naturally if men and women would stop trying to out do the other and embrace their natural abilities and roles. (Kind of rambled on a bit on the role’s topic but it is a big one for me in this day and age).

I believe that being Baptized and following the 10 Commandments as well as following the teachings of Jesus you will be saved and avoid being cast down to hell. You will live for all eternity with no pain, hunger, suffering, want, or hurt.

I believe after the 3rd day that Jesus hung on the cross he rose and spoke to Mary and let confirmed that he is indeed the Son of God.

I believe that the world is not as old as scientist today say it is as well as I do not believe in dinosaurs. Think about all the top thinkers and scientists in history that swore the the earth was flat and that pluto was the ninth planet. Everyone seems to forget that scientist are human and capable of error just as they have throughout history. No where in my Bible does it talk about 10 million years ago or a time when nothing but animals ruled the earth. Do I believe animals were bigger back then, yes of course. The oxygen was not polluted then and no chemicals to cause deformities. You can show me every single dinosaur dig & bone or fossil you want and again if humans found it then the finds are subject to human capabilities to manipulate and create what is needed to be convincing.

Now as far as factual our calendar is based on the death of Jesus. Why would this be so significant as to date our entire existence on earth by being marked how many days/months/years before or after his death?
They have found pieces of the Ark from Noah not to mention ancient scrolls that document the time and events when Jesus walked the earth. As far as other religions it is very common to find the same stories in the Muslamic Koran, Buddhists, Jews, etc. I believe there is 1 God and he is the God of all religions. Different cultures tell the same stories in different ways but the common fact of Jesus is there. As well as the teachings of just being a good person or (God like).

Now do I believe that current day religion has been corrupted? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTLEY!!! Vatican city or Catholicism is ran more like a dictatorship government filled with greed, sex, and power. For any religious organization to hide and protect pedafiles is a pure act of evil and not the teachings of God or Christianity in any form.

I am a member of The Church of Christ and we are non-denominational so we do not fall in the whole you are either protestant or catholic. Now that I have gotten that cleared up and out of the way throw your first punch and lets take it to the mat!!! :0)

Of course the Bible is not a book of “fiction” it is a book of stories, which I has been interpreted and re-written may times over as evidence will show. Read the “Kings” version of the Bible, then read the “King James” version or how about Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy with key to the scriptures.

I could spend most of my morning listing many other Christian Religions that have interpret the Bible and then re-wrote the Bible to fit their own needs so as to comfort their fears of eternal damnation.

So some of the stories are still true, it’s just what version is more closely related to the actual event. I don’t doubt at all the existence of Jesus, what I question is he or other’s saying he is the Son of God.

When you were a child I bet you you believed in Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and even Halloween Witches and I bet “The Devil” have you ever really seen any of these in reality? Keep in mind that many times these are just that stories not necessarily to be take literally; just like stories you tell your children at bed time.

I didn’t even read all the way thru before I had to throw this out there..
My children have not nor will ever believe in Santa clause, the tooth fairy or Easter bunny lol I totally disagree with lying to children for the sake of a story of the season especially when fictitious characters take credit for my hard work and hard earned money… K now lemme keep reading lol

How many times have you had to remember something from the past?
After one day you remember everything as it happened but what about one week later and so on. Eventually you add or even omit something, intentionally or otherwise.

Religions has put the fear in people that if you don’t believe what is in this book and believe every word without question you will burn in everlasting hell; furthermore, you must give the church lots of money to prove you love God, the more the better; God loves money. Big Scam.

Ok next throw out there item; u cannot say all religions or all churches as if they are 1. Everyone knows the Bible has been rewritten and the NKJV even has passages that Shakespeare himself wrote even thou he did t walk with Jesus! The fact that I know God is in control of everything lets me know that even if something’s were added or omitted that my belief and faith r strong enough that I follow which shows my intention to be Christ like with the information and Doctrine that has been available during my life time. if there was anything in there that would damn me instead of save me then it would be known because God is in control and would not allow His children To follow anything blindly against Him. Yes the corrupt churches do want big money and in my eyes they r no better than satan himself because they are using God as a gimmick for their own gain. My Church has no gimmicks. My first minister was a plumber by day and Minister on Sunday. He had an old car and delinquency notices like the rest of us, our tides went to a building fund (because we had congregation at a school) and for the basic bills and payroll (minimal) and the rest was emergency funds for members and charities for the community. We all know there are “Eddie longs” out there and they are the sheep’s in wolfs clothing and if people really knew their Bible and internal moral compass (which should include common sense) then they would know this is not right and not listen or follow churches like those. You saying All Churches like big money and use fear is like saying all white people can’t jump and all black people are thugs. Grouping can be very dangerous…..ok let me continue reading again…….

This is why it is call a book of facts: people want to make it so and believe it to be, so as not to burn in hell for not believing; It’s called hedging your bet.

Out of fear of the unknown, as Shakespeare put it: The undiscovered country from which no traveler has ever returned (death) humans have blindly followed; talk about CONTROL. In other word: I don’t want to burn in hell for don’t believing so…( you can fill in the rest)

And yes the chances of burning in hell r very real. Now I’m not a “fire & brimstone” tactic Christian however, as a Christian it is our responsibility to spread the Good Word which sometimes does include certain consequences that lead to hell. To be a true Christian it is not enough to just Believe, you must be Baptized and do good works in his name. This is where interpretations can also be dangerous. A Good Work to me can come as a smile to someone that needed to see one even thou u know nothing about them. Or it could come as money donations or working at a soup kitchen. Everyone’s good dreads are their own and should be judged only by God. Same as sins. I am no better or less than anyone in Vatican City or prison or wherever, my sins are mine and I will be judged by God when He says and ultimately He will make the decision of where I spend eternity (this is another reason I don’t serve on jury duties, even thou laws punishment and so on are necessary I don’t feel I have the right to make judgment on anyone let alone hold someone’s freedom in my hands).

Once again: look up Edward Bernays, you will see how easy it is to get people to believe in anything. All I ask is to keep an open mind when you do read.

As for finding pieces of the Ark, even Theologians and scientist both agree that it is still not concrete evidence that these pieces found are from Noah’s Ark; furthermore, just because other religions speak of a great flood doesn’t make it so, this is all “Hersey”.

As for documents from the Dead Sea Scrolls: these are still under examination as to their true origin simply because many pieces have gone missing or were not intact during the initial find.

Currently on the History Channel they are airing: “Secrets of The Bible”

Did you know that in 1382 a Catholic Priest translated the Bible from Latin into English. The Pope sentence him to eternal damnation. Yes, God told the Pope to do this because it was a sin to translate the Bible to English. Why you ask, because the church did not want the masses to be able to know what was in the Bible. Since then the Bible stories have change many times as I have noted earlier. And anyone caught reading a Bible in English wax put go death. Yep, I’m sure God and Jesus approved of this!

How about our third president, Thomas Jefferson, did you know he also interpret and wrote his own version of the Bible.

Did you know, according to some religious experts that God punished one of Noah’s sons and turned him black and therefore okayed slavery. Yes mam this is in the Southern Baptist Bible. This is how the South justified slavery.

Omg did u say southern Baptist bible? Lmaooo and that alone is enough for me to NOT read it! This is why I am a member of the Church of Christ because I do have common sense and a strong moral compass and when I hear and read there is nothing that tells me to do anything that sounds crazy because God said so! Nor does it tell me that any race is better, the tower of Babylon is why we are all different now or we would all look middle eastern…….

Now, explain this: Chapter one; paragraph 26 says: and God said, Let (US) make man in (OUR) image, and likeness…. Who is Us & Our.?

Question: why was Jesus only in Africa? Did God dislike those in Asia, Europe, what is now the Americas?

Can the Bible tell me this. I want hard concrete verifiable hands on evidence, not some explanation based on: because the Bible says so.

You will never get hard concrete evidence, that’s the point. You are born with an instinct of knowing something Greater than you is out there. Once you are around the truth a seed is planted and your natural instinct of wanting to learn more comes in and as you do you know when it’s right or wrong because you can feel it within yourself. This is part of knowing and believing without seeing. Without Faith there is no test without Faith there is no internal instinct needed and with out that we are screwed on sooo many things that we go they as humans…..

I have so much more, we really need to have lunch sometimes to really debate this.

Thanks for sharing you religious opinion, I mean beliefs :0)

Me, I believe in a supreme force to try and understand the meaning for my existence, which I believe to be something like the “Q” continuum.

One final thought: tethers was a Star Trek episode where the team beamed down to the surface of this planet and found a society living like the we did on the 1930’s. as the show progressed the team discovered that many years before an American Space craft crashed landed on this planet. In the space craft was a fictional book based on Mobsters of that time. These primitive beings took this book as FACT and not FICTION, simply because they did not know the truth. This book was then enshrouded in a glass housing and was worship as their BIBLE. One the team explained the truth was out and the truth sent them free.

Actually, there are many similar stories in litature about the same thing. Food for Thought. This is what some scholars believe is what the Dead Sea findings are. Not alien in nature, but without any further verifiable evidence, just a bunch of bed time stories.

My final thought until u reply or we switch topics lol: whatever a person believes is right and wrong at the same time. If in my heart I truly believe and live my life being the best Christian I can be then to me that is the equivalent to a spiritual person, Muslim, etc because when we are all called Home and are judged God will be the one doing the rulings and if you claim to be something and did not show this in your life then to me that would be a reason to be damned (not judging just saying) everyone’s relationship with God should be just that between them and God but whatever you do don’t let man and science “kill” religion. Be open minded that the Truth is out there and it is not found in a science book ;0)



In my Theology/Philosophy class we were all asked to write a one sentence to define religion. My was: 
Religion is a belief in a CONCEPT that enables man to find spiritual meaning for his existence.
My instructor, Farther Grace, Phd. according to him, said that was the best definition he ever had any student write. 



two thumbs up. off the top of my head, mine would have been:

Religion is an individual’s Beliefs & Truth between them and God just as what I believe and live by is the Truth for me between God and I as an all intimate relationships should be. 
Great debating with you Mr. Q!!!! To be continued on the next topic!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!