Awww social media, the outlet for anything you want to say and to anybody for that matter. I will be the first to admit that once it all the different sites came out I was hooked! I found all my friends from high school, long lost relatives, hell even my husbands old girlfriends! It was great! I could keep in touch with people without actually having to drive or dial my phone, share pictures and stories and even talk a lil shit from behind a screen. But as time went on I noticed the ongoing “desensitized” behavior displayed on the news, and even with myself. Why is is soo damn easy to beat someone up for 5 dollars or shoot someone because of their clothes, or be a school bully. Well after these questions kept coming up periodically the more I questioned how the hurt, pain, and/or death of another human being is no longer shocking or viewed as abnormal. Well then it part of the answer seemed to be clear as I was updating my Facebook status lol. How can anyone be sensitive to violent acts when most of the people one interacts with is through a screen. No more looking in someone’s eyes to see the reaction to your actions, no more hearing the change of a voice when your words have hurt someone, no more seeing tears well up when someone is scared or heart broken. If you never get any truthful feedback on your actions it gets easier and easier to behave in a way that you normally wouldn’t in fear of the immediate reaction. Then as I pondered this for a while it became comical how many friends I had on social media sites that I did not know, would not care to know, no longer wanted to know or wished I never known. And these are the majority that read my posts, see my pics, and have remarks that make it easy for my “mean” side to surface thru that screen! Well I had had it! After all the shit talking I engaged in after the super bowl I unplugged (except for this blog). Felt liberated instantly! A few days later I was reading a book on conspiracy’s and cover-UPS and low and behold, according to the author the internet was created by the defense department. But why?! Where else or what else do people by the millions voluntarily tell the good, bad, illegal, and location of every move one makes! We have all made it soo easy for our own typed words to be used against us at any given time! No interrogation needed! Well that did it for me! From now on if you are my friend, family, or someone I want in my life I will gladly stop by for a visit or call on the phone! reach out and touch somone instead of desensitizing yourself to the evil of the world and building your own case against yourself! Everyone in their 30’s will remember a day and time without cell phones and the internet and most likely recall a happier time. There is a reason for this. We shook hands when making a deal or transaction, hugged someone when they needed a cheerful pick me up, and less people were being arrested for ridiculous charges. we actually touched oneanother! I would love to be there again =)