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First let us start by saying gun control has nothing to do with actual gun control.  Obvious examples of true control would include age limits, waiting periods, and background checks. Banning and/or confiscating guns from law abiding citizens is an attempt to control YOU, not guns. Regardless if you are a gun owner or someone that has never seen a gun is of no relevance because what is at stake is everyone’s rights.

The 2nd amendment is very clear in its purpose; by definition as American Citizens we have the right to own guns PERIOD! If and when there is a time that our government becomes an obvious enemy (they already are) how will you fight for your rights and freedoms when you have no weapons and they have all the guns. I dont know about you but I dont need the government to regulate anything for me.

It is scary that they start first with our personal defenses. Once they take our RIGHT to defend ourselves, family, and property away, which RIGHTS will be next; disguised under the premise that “they know what’s best for all of us as a whole”. Of course their true agenda will never be blatantly obvious, and the use of scare tactis will begin to be more frequent. The number of mass shootings at schools, colleges, businesses, public places etc will increase and be shown over mass media outlets repeatedly to keep it fresh in our minds; a constant reminder of how scary our so-called “normal” lives are with gun toting maniacs among us. Dont fall for scare tactics! Dont believe everything you see on the news!

Lurking behind the closed doors of our elected officials is a major campaign to gain control over us; and taking our Constitutional rights away is the first step. Stand up for your rights regardless of how you feel about guns. Demand better police training to keep the wrong people from having guns and innocent people being killed because they shoot first and ask questions last! It’s no coincidence that the common image you see in the media is that of a gang member or a mentally ill, highly druged person killing people. Well ask yourself how did all the guns get on the streets in the first place? Besides hunters the average person does not carry one to go to the store. It was after they were brought in and strategically placed by our government did you start seeing the violence displayed and the fear in citizens was proof scare tactics work as an effective tool to strip us of our rights.

Once again, this is not about gun control, this is about people/population and ultimately governmental control. Regardless of which civil libirty/right, or how it affects you do not allow it to be taken away. T and I will go into more detail on several of the topics related to this subject(s) soon. This is the intro to what gun control really means for the US.